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that's what I thought
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28th-Apr-2007 10:05 pm(no subject)
emo harry potter
Just so you know, S1 can go drop out its bum.
28th-Apr-2007 02:54 pm(no subject)
emo harry potter
Haha, yes, alas! It is finally pretty and proportionate. That is so happy... I shall go through and do some more, then I'll let this lil baby out into the world to fend for itself. *tear* Ahh, oh well. mysterious_dee  I hope you like this (even if you don't use it much until summer or whatever). Hmm... you can change whatever *if you really really want to* and the info, etc. Werrll, I think that's about it. Okey dokey, bye then! ♥ 
26th-Apr-2007 11:33 pm(no subject)
emo harry potter
Hey M D, in't this a party?! This is your new livejournal. (it was the best online gift I could muster). But you shall get a real gift when I actually see you, so there! yay! Uhh, you can change the password, email, info, etc. And the background is ugly now, but will soon not be so much so yay! ** <sparkes of glee
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